A holistic solution for you.

We provide you with an added value by combining and using digital measurement data
to support your digital transformation in the fields of:

Conditional monitoring and alarming
Asset tracking
Predictive maintenance
Process optimisation

WIKA is a holistic solution provider from sensors to the final application.
Benefits of WIKA's IIoT solutions

WIKA's IIoT solutions support you with benefits in the following areas:

Automatic alarms

Automatic alarms

Alarms are triggered immediately as soon as critical values are detected in order to start automated or human intervention, to preventing failures or to optimize processes.

Early detection

Early detection

Based on condition monitoring and predictive algorithms, any kind of critical situation can be identified before it occurs.



A continuous database of measured values enables you to identify sources of malfunction by using diagnostics and remote-monitoring algorithms.


Process optimisation

Process efficiency can be increased by analysing several values continuously and automatically triggering actions if predefined events occur.



For internal or legal requirements, all measured values and events are stored and documented.



In the case of an alarm or event all necessary personnel are informed automatically and all information is available at a glance.

Avoidance of
manual errors

Avoidance of manual errors

By using intelligent measuring instruments you can avoid mistakes or failures based on daily routing and human error.

Utilisation of

Utilisation of manpower

Optimise your existing staff’s efficiency by reducing low-value tasks.

Time savings

Time savings

Maintenance tasks can be triggered automatically instead of manual reading and guessing. Your staff can be allocated to more important tasks.

WIKA offers a complete solution from identifying the added-value potential to the installation of the sensors, measuring instruments and gateways, then ensuring the connectivity to the cloud or on-premise data servers as well as the configuration of the customer application and customer training.

Leadership in measuring instruments.

WIKA is a global leader in the measurement of pressure, temperature, level, flow and force in industrial and process industries, even within explosive environments (ATEX). This technology leadership and know-how can be used to build the perfect digital solution in several industries:

Our solutions
Radio units for various measuring instruments

With the NETRIS radio units and IIoT gateways WIKA offers you the possibility of connecting most existing WIKA and also third party measuring instruments via standard interfaces like:

  • Analogue 4 ... 20 mA
  • 0 ... 5 V ratiometric
  • RTD
  • ModBus®

  • These radio units can use different wireless technologies such as LoRaWAN®, mioty, NB-IOT or LTM-M.

    IIoT measuring instruments
    with integrated radio unit

    Additionally, WIKA offers battery-powered wireless instruments for pressure, temperature, level and force with or without an analogue display, optimised for a long service life of up to 10 years.

    If requested, our WIKA service team can install and configure the device on-site according to your special application requirements.

    Mobile app "myWIKA wireless device"

    Via the mobile app "myWIKA wireless device", you can configure any WIKA wireless device and onboard this device to your WIKA IIoT Cloud account.

    For more details please get in contact with us.

    LoRa, mioty, LTE/NB-IoT and 5G networks

    The WIKA IIoT solution also includes also the secure and safe transmission of the measured data. Optimised for the individual customer situation and application, WIKA is able to transmit the data directly via mobile technologies (like LTE/5G, LTE-M and NB-IOT) or via LPWAN.

    As a founding member of the mioty alliance, WIKA supports this innovative new LPWAN standard, as well as can support customers in setting up their own private LoRaWAN® network together with the LORIOT or other network server.

    Data handling (cloud and on-premise)

    WIKA IIoT cloud solution

    The WIKA IIoT cloud is responsible for device-handling, data collection, data storage and an application-specific digital twin. The generic device handler can recognise any kind of wireless device and decode the payload data.
    These device data are aggregated and stored according to the digital twin of the customer installation within the data lake where they can be used for the application-specific forecast and prediction algorithm.
    Via a secured API back-end layer, both internal and external application can access the data stored within the WIKA IIoT cloud.

    WIKA IIoT on-premise solution

    If you prefer a standalone solution, WIKA can deploy all the necessary components on your site to achieve a totally independent installation.

    Data encryption and security

    WIKA’s IIoT cloud and on-premise solutions are built and continuously improved to ensure that your data are secured against access by third parties as well as a near-24/7 availability of access.
    WIKA understands that, for your business, your data are essential.

    Processing data efficiently.

    WIKA’s IIoT cloud solutions provide you with a customised application that fits perfectly to the needs of your use cases and business needs, which includes:

    • Overview over all devices, assets and their digital twins
    • Configuration of device-specific parameters
    • Configuration and handling of alarms and events
    • Configurable dashboard for data visualisation
    • Special views of your data and events for diagnostics and documentation purposes

    This WIKA IIoT application solution enables you to improve your business and optimise your processes to gain added value.
    WIKA’s IIoT cloud solution is accessible by using a standard web browser.

    Our expertise
    WIKA is an active member
    in the IIoT companies network.

    For WIKA, being a technology leader has been the key to new markets and applications for over 75 years.
    WIKA develops and establishes new technologies like mioty (WIKA is a founding member) and drives and supports industrial standards like LoRaWAN and OPC UA. WIKA partners with organisations and companies to ensure a state-of-the-art solution which allows a flexible architecture to fulfil all customer requirements.
    Data safety and security is a high priority topic for WIKA, therefore the WIKA cloud solutions are hosted within the European Union.

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